• Secure smart contract code

  • Monitor the operation status of smart contract

  • Timely alert of abnormal smart contract activities

  • Block attacks on smart contract

  • Lost assets recovery

Pain Points

  • Smart contract code security is unknown after development.
  • Lack of monitoring for abnormal operational status when the smart contract is running.
  • When a smart contract is attacked, it is hard to prevent the continuing attacks to reduce the loss.
  • After a smart contract is attacked, it is hard to analyze, review and forensically analyze the hacker's behavior.


Security audit before smart contract deployment

Monitor the running status of the smart contract after going live

Block attacks on smart contract

Analysis and forensics after attacks

Smart Contract Audit

Smart Contract Audit

  • Based on Formal Verification Technology
  • Provide contract risk check
  • Ensure code and logic are consistent and secure
Smart Contract Audit

Smart Contract Operation Monitor

  • Monitor project operation status
  • Real time analysis of the transaction behavior of smart contract
  • Provide timely risk intelligence
Smart Contract Audit

AI Risk Identification

  • Use AI technology to find various types of abnormal trading behavior
  • Discover risks such as attacks and token prices anomalies
Smart Contract Audit

Smart Contract Timely Alerts

  • Custom abnormal behavior alerts
  • Optimize your smart contract risk management strategy
Smart Contract Audit

Smart contract Attacks Block

  • Immediately block the malicious transactions
  • Use automatic monitoring to block
  • Integrate firewalls into your smart contract
Smart Contract Audit

Security Experts Support

  • Review the attack process, locat and fix vulnerabilities
  • Provide 7/24 on-call services to to help recover lost funds
  • Provide incident response to track attacks

Products & Services we provide

  • Smart Contract Audit Service

  • Beosin EagleEye - Web3 Security Monitor

  • Cryptocurrency Tracing

  • Beosin Risk Blocking

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