Web3 Security and Data Analytics Platform

Provide the most decision-valuable data to VASPs, VCs, and project teams, helping customers better understand Web3 business opportunities and potential risks.


Protect your users from fraud and threat in Web3

Black address screening

Make your customers' transactions more secure through screening

Phishing site detection

Prevent your customers from phishing sites

Smart Contract Security Detection

One-click detection of whether on-chain projects are reliable and code is secure
Risk tags updated in real time
AI + manual review ensures accuracy of tags
World's most powerful automated contract code detection tools
Industry-leading AI + formal verification capabilities

First-Hand intelligence about projects you follow, such as financing, community, business relations, etc.

Basic Project Information
Provide market cap, project tokens, token prices, holdings analysis, liquidity analysis, trading volume analysis and other basic information
Project Intelligence
Provide project financing, team background, security audit reports, project correlations, open source security news and other data
Project Security Monitoring
Send first-hand information to customers in real-time via TG, email, Webhook. Includes financing info, attacks, rug pulls, third party reports, partnerships, related policies, etc.
Project Community Information
Provide data on official X (Twitter), Telegram, Discord, Github and other social media engagement
New projects updated daily to ensure timeliness
Manual review by 100+member team to ensure accuracy
All data tracked in real-time to ensure stability
In-depth project investment research for faster decision making

Flexibly manage crypto asset risks and establish comprehensive compliance to meet global crypto asset regulations.

Deposit risk assessment
Scientifically assess if deposit funds involve risks, avoid illegal money contamination
Withdrawal risk assessment
Scientifically assess if withdrawal funds involve risks, promptly adjust strategies to reduce reputation loss
EOA address risk assessment
Fully assess address history to understand real identity and potential risks
Token risk assessment
Comprehensively evaluate risks across dimensions like contract code, business logic, trading restrictions, entity identity security, etc.
Malicious address query
Query address and entity risk tags like malicious addresses, sanctions, commercial blacklists, etc.
VASP query
Query address and entity VASP tags to better execute travel rules.
100 million+ of VASP data for better travel rules execution
1 billion+ of labeled address data for understandable on-chain behavior
Auto cross-chain swap analysis to reveal hidden risks
Industry-leading full-token risk discovery models to eliminate blind spots
Proprietary contract risk assessment models
Flexible risk strategy templates to easily meet compliance policies worldwide
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Total Points : 4,000 Points
Request rate : 20 Requests/Second
Advanced version
Total Points : 12,000 Points
Request rate : 50 Requests/Second
Ultimate version
Total Points : 32,000 Points
Request rate : 100 Requests/Second
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